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Why us?

Kutzmann Maciej is a professional company dealing with the construction of boxes for horses. We also create a secure fences, providing comfort for you and your horses. We also offer a comprehensive stable equipment in small parts such as handles, hangers and troughs (feeders) and the like.

We are an experienced company operating in the European Union. We know our customers and we know how to take care of their satisfaction. We approach each client individually, if you have any questions we will advise and assist you. With us you will gain impressive, functional and fully equipped stables for the horses. We will realize your dream project.

Why trust us?
• we build stables with the highest level of functionality
• we use the best quality materials
• comfort and safety of our customers and their horses is our priority
• we inspire by modern technologies that allow us to continually improve the service
• we offer stable equipment which make working with horses  much easier
• we provide our customers with professional advice on the selection of materials and creating a project

Choose Kutzmann Maciej's offer and get proven and reliable partner. With us you will be able to enjoy a dream stable for horses.
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News - our new products

New box Regular


Now avaliable - excellent quality and really low price new model Regular!
Ask for prices.


Stable windows for Your stable


Kutzmann company produces also solid windows to the stable, which provide constant access to the light. Ask about offer details!

References - talk about us

I’m really happy that I found Kutzmann company. They have great products, I bought feeders for my horses and they love them! Feeders are very solid and safe. Now I think I will buy also troughs and I hope they will be as great as feeders. Margaret M.

Last year I built new stable and I’m glad I trusted Kutzmann with this. They are very professional, their advices were really useful. Thanks to them now I have beautiful and functional stable. And my horses feel great in new boxes. I also really like kutzmann’s hangers for saddles, very useful.  I can recommend Kutzmann company. John F.

I have large stable and I always needed to work for many hours to feed horses and clean up boxes. I bought special feeders and feed trolleys from Kutzman and that was an excellent decision!! I don’t have to carry all foods, I only push the trolley with food. Feeders are very easy to use and clean up, I don’t have any problems with them. Nice products and very helpful customer service. Caroline O.