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From building stable to complex equipment

Boxes for horses

Your horse will feel safe
If you are interested in a functional and safe box for a horse, we invite you to get acquainted with Kutzmann Maciej company. Our designs are adjusted to the needs of your pet. They are clean, stable and easy to use. Make your horse feel like at home.

Types of facades boxes
Kutzmann Maciej company produces several types of facades, special recognition and popularity gained four types of internal boxes for horses:
Box Luna
Box Baron
Box Nabu
Box Easy

Individual boxes differ from each other by design and the type of door that may be hinged or sliding. They are made from galvanized steel structures, and their filling are planks mounted on the tongue and groove. We offer different types of planks – from wood or from durable plastic.
For individual needs we can do also  powder coated or stainless and acid-proof steel inox boxes.

Types of bulkhead wall
In Kutzmann Maciej's offer are also different types of stable bulkhead wall for separating the individual boxes for horses. They are constructed of steel frames and fill with wood planks, plastic or metal mesh. The most popular are:
• SW-1
• SW-2
• SW-3

There is also the possibility of used hinges, guides and bolts - that allow you to open the shutters in order to clean their up using tractors or other mechanical equipment.

Long life materials
All materials used in the construction of boxes for horses meet quality standards which ensures a long service life and that they will not lose their physical properties

We protect our steel structures against harmful chemical agents and high humidity using 4 methods:

I hot-dip galvanizing (immersion) - structure is immersed in liquid zinc, which becomes resistant to corrosion and external conditions. This method is the most advisabvle for economic considerations and relatively long corrosion resistance. An additional advantage is that horses during chewing boxes could not destroy this protection.

II Powder coated - steel structure is subjected to sprays with the powder, and then heated to a high temperature; the powder melts and covers steel with the thin coating; powder coating makes frame rust resistant but not as much as zinc. An additional disadvantage is that any scratch on the paint can become the focus of starting proces of corrode in the box. The biggest advantage of the powder paint is high esthetics of the product finished in such a way thanks to the wide range of colors available on the market, box may look really special.

III Galvanizing + powder coated - combination of these two methods have both advantages and disadvantages of these two methods.
Box galvanized and powder coated does not look as good as box only painted

IV Chrome and nickel steel / steel - Inox
For individual orders we are able to do boxes using INOX steel. This requires a discussion of the degree of polish and a detailed evaluation.

Individual approach to the client
We treat our clients individually and that is why we make not only boxes for horses in standard sizes, but we could make also boxes on special request. Contact us and ask for details.