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From building stable to complex equipment

Fences for horses

If you are looking for a suitable and secure fences for horses, Kutzmann Maciej company can offer you a product to meet your needs. Fences produced by us meet the highest standards and are extremely functional.

Practical and durable
Each stable owner knows that to make horses happy and healthy, you need to enable them to stay in the open air. For this is required to have large paddock with specially matched fence. Kutzmann Maciej company performs fences with galvanized steel structures. They are much more practical than the wooden fences. Steel fences do not rot, do not break, nor are vulnerable to pests such how woodworm. They are also extremely resistant to weather conditions. Fences for horses from Kutzmann Maciej is a great investment for years.

Extremely safe
Products offered by us are extremely easy to maintain - fast and cheap treatments will enjoy a solid fence for a long time. Our pens are animals friendly  - they have no sharp objects that could be a threat to horses. Appropriately selected height will prevent the escape of animals from the paddock. The entrance gate to the fence is designed so that it is easy to use for people and at the same time impossible to open by horses. In this way the animals are free to run around the paddock, and the owner does not have to worry about their safety.

Quality guarantee
Fence for horses from Kutzmann Maciej company is the best choice for all animal lovers. Functional and esthetic pens are the great solution for every situation. Quick installation, durability, reliability and quality assurance - these are the factors that distinguish Kutzmann products. Take care of your comfort and happy lives of your horses and choose the offer of our company.