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From building stable to complex equipment

Stable building

Our company is also deali with design interior stables and livestock buildings. With us you can have your ideal stable. In our company we design and produce all the necessary stable equipment: boxes for horses, bulkhead walls, fences and all the equipment: feeders, troughs, racks, doors, gates and windows to the stables.

The most important is the plan
To begin building the stable, you should start with the most important - project. Kutzmann Maciej company create for your design interior stable, even if it proves to be very complicated. With our experience we know what is best for your horse. All our projects are considered and include ergonomic solutions.

Full service
We do not take care only for design and production, but also for the advice and installation. If you do not know what materials to choose to build a stable or boxes, we offer our help. On request, our specialists install boxes in the European Union.

With our products your horses will gain safe living-space. The horses spend most of their lives in the stables, so safe and comfortable box and stable are crucial. You can outsource the building a horse paddock, because we can also take care of fences production.

Competitive prices, high quality products and full service guarantee full satisfaction of our customers. Our creativity and cleverness will be reflected in our projects.