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From building stable to complex equipment

Stable equipment

Kutzmann Maciej company offers a wide range of equipment stable. We try our best to ensure our products meet the highest standards. Therefore, for the production we use only proven and the finest materials. We connect tradition with modern technology  and we obtain functional facilities that are essential in the stables.

Hangers for blankets and saddles
Because our priority is safety and comfort of our clients and their horses, we can offer a wide range of useful accessories. We offer the highest quality holders and hangers for blankets and saddle pads. They help save space in the stable and keep it organized. Stored in this way, blankets and saddle pads easier maintain hygiene – moisture quickly evaporates from carefully hung material. Saddle hangers act in similar way. We have a folding hangers that do not take much space. Very interesting proposition is universal holder for blanket and the saddle at the same time. It combines comfort and practicality.

Trolleys for saddles and horse harness
Also highly recommended are the trolleys for harness. Hung in a wheelchair bridles and halters will no longer confuse, and their transport becomes very easy and above all extremely comfortable. You no longer have to carry everything in hand, you only need to get trolley in a specific place. Kutzmann's product is light and very stable.

Feed trolleys
We also have trolleys used to transport feed. Feeding horses has never been so easy and unencumbered. We installed bucket on a trolley, which is sufficient to pour feed and go to the destination. Without lifting and straining your spine. An alternative to the trolley is a wheelbarrow for the stable. It can transport not only feed, but also consumed straw.

Feeders, pastures and drinking trough
To facilitate the process of feeding horses we have developed the highest quality feeders. In our big offer there are rotary feeders, large feeders for hay and twisted dringing troughs. Everyone can find something suitable for itself and for animals’ needs. Thanks to our feeders you can perfectly the care of horse nutrition. Our products are very stable, resistant to damage and safe for animal health. You can also purchase a very useful close button for the feeder and in a simple way control the amount of food consumed by horses. We also recommend attractive and functional Kutzmann Maciej's drinking trough, where you can adjust the amount of water.

Filling for boxes
Many of you have boxes for horses with wooden fillings. Over time they become used and attacked by corrosion. If you are looking for planks tongue and groove to the boxes for horses, then you hit the right place. Tell us the number and size of planks you need. Due to the high production we have competitive prices for the planks of pine, spruce, oak and plastic planks.

With Kutzmann Maciej company you can equip stable in products of the highest quality. They are safe for the health of the horse and his keeper, make life easier and increase comfort.